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Recently I have seen wigs with a few bloggers and I will tell you that I started to think about myself
buying :)
 That is why it is worth knowing a bit about them.

 Maintenance of human hair wigs can be a unique challenge during the winter season.
 If you are not careful, in a particularly cold, dry climate, the shape, thickness and general feeling of the wig may be damaged.

 Faced with this low temperature, the good condition of your wigs is too fast.
Thanks to all the layers of clothes and winter clothing needed to maintain coziness in these frosty temperatures, snowstorms and icy roads, extremely dry hair appears. sometimes it can be difficult to continue to wear our hairstyles with voluminous and shiny on curly and flat. That's where sweet winter hair accessories come in!

Taking a few extra steps to protect the hair extension wig can mean the difference between great holiday hair and dead locks.

Here are our 6 tips to help your wig stay safe and free from damage throughout the winter season!

Tip 1: Deep condition Your real hair wig
Real hair wigs dry faster in the winter because there is no moisture in the air to protect the wig, so a typical conditioning procedure will not reduce it. Deep conditioning not only prevents drying and breaking the strands, but can also restore the softness, thickness and texture of the wig exposed to dry air. You can hear about nasty rumors about wig nutrients: the conditioner weighs your locks; Conditioner flattens your roots; Conditioner inhibits styling tools; Conditioner keeps hair in a rolled up position. The list is long, but none of these statements is true. If you use the conditioner correctly, it will not only simplify the styling of the wig but will also protect your bands from harsh weather conditions. Shampoos and conditioners specially designed for the treatment of wigs provide a layer of insulation for the hair and block the moisture. Therefore, in the cooler months, it is particularly important that your wig is deeply conditioned.

Tip 2
 : Gently dry the hair with a natural wig
Not only do you have to protect your wig from drying in the winter, but also limit the use of curlers, irons, hot rollers and hair dryers as much as you can. Heated styling tools wick moisture away from the wig, which is good when it is wet but disastrous when it is dry. Your wig must cope with cold, snow and wind! Take a more natural look during your regular work week and the days you spend your time.

On the other hand, make sure you do not go outside when your wig is still wet. If your wig is a bit damp when you go outside, it may freeze. Cold temperatures freeze the hair of the wig faster than the bio hair, which will make the wig fragile and brittle. Dry the wig with a soft towel and gently set the hair according to your preferences.

Tip 3: Wear a wide tooth comb
To prevent damage to the wig in winter through hats and accessories, take a wide comb with you in your purse and make sure you get tangled and hooked. It often happens that a headband or hat grab a few pieces of winter hair. If this happens, be patient! Do not risk tearing it out and destroying the wig! Use a comb and a light touch to work for free.

Tip 4:
Use a gentle touch to the Remy human hair wig
When you put on and take off items such as hats and earmuffs, it's important to do so with patience. If you hurry up in a hurry, when you hurry in, you can accidentally take your wig!

Tip 5
: Keep your wig properly
Whenever you spend time outdoors, wrap your wig in a soft scarf or warm, delicate material to reduce exposure.

During sleep, remove the wig and cover it with soft, silky materials to avoid excessive knots and weaves during sleep. Always try to avoid covering your hair with hats or other wool materials to prevent hair loss, breaking and drying!

Tip 6
: Buy cheap hair wigs for people on the Internet
Buying a wig with human hair only for the winter may seem like a bit of madness, but in the long run it will save you money. Because human hair wigs are less susceptible to fracture than synthetic ones, they do not need to be replaced every time a snowstorm is bad.

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See you in the comments;)

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